Will Extract
LAZARUS (Rochford) Moses
Reference NA878
Family Name LAZARUS (Rochford)
Forenames Moses
Probate Date 1815 (7 March)
Address Little Alie Street
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Esther
Siblings Sister, Gootle (Hebrew). Brother, Jacob (deceased)
Children Lizer? Lyon? Lazarus
Other Relatives Sons-in-law, Abraham Lyon Moses of John Street, Minories, Wolf Benjamin, Joel Myers, Abraham Levy Hyam and Abraham Abrahams
Bequests Wife of Moses Daniels
Executors, Administrators Esther Lazarus, Abraham Lyon Moses and Wolf Benjamin (renounced).
Witnesses E. Gompertz, A. Samuel and P. Gaillard
Notes Marriage of Abigail Lazarus and Abraham Lion Moses GSM 024/7 and probably NA727. Father Moses Lazarus (Rochford). Abraham Abrahams (b. Isaac Chatham) and Rachel Lazarus GSM 103/52 Joel Myers is NA373 and marriage to Frances Lazarus NSM 001 and NA260. Lizer? is Laurence NSM 635. Hebrew words translated by Barnard van Landau.
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: DL/C/457 No29.