Will Extract
Reference NA921
Family Name JACOBS
Forenames Eliza
Probate Date 1828 (28 April)
Address Formerly White Street, Cutler Street, then Castle Street
Occupation Spinster
Siblings Catherine Jacobs of Castle Street.
Other Relatives Cousins, Leah Raphael, Spinster of Gould Square; Samuel Raphael of Great Russell Street. Niece, Rebecca Fonseca of Castle Street. Nephew, Phineas Fonseca (wife Rebecca/Rebekah) of Angel Court, Stone Lane and Samuel Fonseca? Cousin Rachel Selig deceased.
Bequests Hyam Benjamin Cohen of 62 Church Street, Whitechapel
Executors, Administrators Raphael Raphael, Isaac Selig and Maurice Solomon
Witnesses Appeared Raphael Raphael, Merchant of 2 Crescent Minories; Isaac Selig, Merchant of 8 Gould Square, Crutched Friars; Maurice Solomon, Stationer of 26 Minories. Moses Abraham Joseph, Professor of Hebrew and Secretary of the New Synagogue of 4 New Square, Minories. John Leslie Stewart, Gentleman of 2 Philpot Lane.
Notes Raphael Raphael is NA421. Isaac Selig married Rachel Raphael daughter of Nathan Nate Heretsek (?) Harwich? GSM 123/01. Maurice Solomon married Louisa Raphael daughter of Samuel BSWSM181. See Cem. Scribes I775 for Nathan Raphael.
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: DL/C/498 No: 100