Will Extract
NATHAN Hyam/Hiam
Reference NA925
Family Name NATHAN
Forenames Hyam/Hiam
Probate Date 1824 (16 July)
Address 7 Little Prescott Street, Goodmans Fields
Occupation Clothes Dealer
Spouse Dory
Children Jacob Nathan; Sarah Nathan. Jane Nathan; Minkey the wife of Moses Joseph; Alicia the wife of **** Isaacs; Esther the wife of Henry Moses
Grandchildren Edward Nathan, Rosetta Nathan, Moses Joseph, Rosetta Moses,
Other Relatives
Bequests Elias Jacobs, Clothes Salesman of Rosemary Lane
Executors, Administrators Jacob Hyam (in the will Jacob Nathan), Elias Jacobs and Henry Moses.
Witnesses William Horsley? Of *** Place, Commercial Road and P.J. Sims of 5 Little Prescott Street.
Notes Minkey is probably GSM 056/5 and Jacob GSM 057/2. Esther is CemeteryScribes I10869
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: MS 9172/196 No: 49