Will Extract
GERSHON Elizabeth
Reference NA941
Family Name GERSHON
Forenames Elizabeth
Probate Date 1853 (31 Oct)
Address 36 Northumberland Place, Commercial Road
Occupation Widow
Children George, Isaac, Aaron, Raphael, Rebecca, Hannah and Rachel the wife of Abraham Solomons
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators George Gershon, Broker of 1 James Street, Cannon Street Road; Raphael Gershon, Broker of Northumberland Place, Commercial Road.
Witnesses W.L. Howell of 40 Ratcliff Highway and Jas. Barnard his clerk.
Notes Elizabeth is Cem Scribes spouse is I1151. Spouse is Shmuel b. Joseph Gershon see CemeteryScribes I1152; Also Rachel BSNSK 237, George BSNSK 101, Aaron NSM2 096,
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: DL/C/537 No: 103.