Will Extract
Reference NA950
Family Name SOLOMON
Forenames Phoebe
Probate Date 1816 (24 Jan)
Address Formerly, Kensington, then, Strand.
Occupation Widow
Children Matthew Solomon of Kingston, Jamaica; Jacob Henry Solomon of Montago Bay, Jamaica; Catherine Solomon; Lebera the wife of Michael Cowen of St. Martin Court, Leicester Fields; Rose the wife of Andrew Barnet of Broad Street, Bloomsbury.
Grandchildren Henry Cowen the son of Michael and Lebera. Emanuel, Matthew and Sophia Barnet children of Andrew and Rose. Sampson Solomon the son of Andrew Barnet.
Other Relatives Son-in-law, Solomon Emanuel
Bequests George Isaacs, Gentleman of 9 Broadway, Blackfriars. Hester the wife of Godfrey Lee of Broad Street; Dr. Hershell of Berry (Bury) Street.
Executors, Administrators Solomon Hirschell and George Isaacs.
Witnesses William Knight of Kensington and William D. Kent his clerk.
Notes Solomon Emanuel perhaps BSGSBUR 414/3135. Hester and Godfrey Lee are BSWSM001
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: DL/C/460 No: 148.