Will Extract
SOLOMON otherwise SALOMON Esther
Reference NA954
Family Name SOLOMON otherwise SALOMON
Forenames Esther
Probate Date 1821 (7 Feb)
Address Fire Ball Court, Houndsditch
Occupation Widow
Siblings Eva (formerly Woolf) Wallerstein, widow and Jaqchet Swart (formerly Woolf) the wife of Jacob Marcus Swart of Amsterdam
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Appeared, Samuel Joseph, Merchant of 8 George Street, Minories; Aaron Joseph, same address and Fleming Hewitt also same address. Samuel Joseph the "lawful attorney" of Eva Wallerstein and Jaqchet Swart.
Notes Died 1813. According to Akevoth Jaqchet is Jacob Jokeb Marcus Mordechai/ Swart Vellema, (1764 - 1826 Amsterdam), Married 1787 to Jacomijn Jachet Wolf, birth 1763 Mainz, died 15 May 1829. Jaqchet's brother is recorded as Joseph Mozes.
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: DL/C/477 No: 149