Will Extract
Reference NA969
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Mary
Probate Date 1810 (9 Oct)
Address 6 Rosemary Lane.
Occupation Widow
Children Michael Levy; Sarah Levy; Samuel Levy, Slopseller of 6 Rosemary Lane; Deborah Levy; Esther Levy; Rosetta the wife of George Cohen of Russell Court, Drury Lane.
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Samuel Levy and Michael Nathan, Butcher of Whitechapel High Street.
Witnesses AJ. Isaacs and J.A. Johnson his clerk and Nathaniel Nathan.
Notes Husband is Abraham Levy, salesman 6 Rosemary Lane E Holden 1799. He died in 1804 see NA269. The neighbours of the Levys were Mary and Henry Nathan, see Old Bailey Reference Number: t18030420-62 MARY NATHANI am the wife of Henry NathanNo. 7, Rosemary-lane. MARY LEVY My husband is a salesmanI am Mr. Nathan's next door neighbour; also Old Bailey t18060219-76, MARY LEVY sworn. I live in Rosemary-lane; I collect the rents in the Change. Michael Nathan is perhaps NA384. Samuel Levy was at 6 Rosemary Lane until at least 1825, LEVY, Samuel slopseller & clothes warehouseman 6 Rosemary Lane (Sun Insurance).
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: DL/C/444 No: 109.