Will Extract
LEVY Rebecca
Reference NA972
Family Name LEVY
Forenames Rebecca
Probate Date 1836 (21 Dec)
Address Russell Court, Drury Lane
Parents Samuel Jacobs, Merchant of 22 Bury Street
Children Sarah (age 15) , Isabella (age 11), Esther (10), Lewis (age 8), Henry and Abigail (both under 7 years)
Other Relatives Henry Levy, Clothes Salesman of Carter Street and Elias Jacobs, Coal Merchant of 22 Bury Street, uncles of her children
Executors, Administrators John Box, Notary and
Witnesses Lewis Jacobs of 2 Crosby Square; H.B. Rees of 7 Bury Street and Emanuel Daniel of 13 Bury Street; Samuel Coleman of 63 ***and Street, Oxford Street; Asher Levy of 52 Great Alie Street.
Notes Father Samuel is NA853 (Shmuel Hertsfeld (Hirtsfield, Hartsfield)). Is she GSM 238/30? But if so father cannot be Samuel Jacobs???Property appraised by Augustus Hoffman. Witness Asher Levy is Survey 1851, ID. 12974. Asher b. 1801 was the son of Yehuda. His probable brother was Lawrence Levy who married Rebecca Jacobs in 1826 (Lewin and survey).
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: DL/C/512 No: 28.