Will Extract
Reference NA983
Family Name GOMES
Forenames Elias
Probate Date 1848 (1 Aug)
Address Bury Street
Occupation Bachelor
Parents Rebecca Gomes of Bury Street (d. 1847)
Siblings Rebecca Abigail Garcia, wife of Daniel Garcia of 22 Wilson Street, Finsbury Square. Esther Gomes. Rachel wife of Jonathan Mesuna?
Other Relatives Hannah and Rebecca Mesuna?; Rachel Garcia
Executors, Administrators Rebecca Abigail Garcia
Witnesses David Lopes Pereira, Gentleman of 15 King Street, Finsbury Square; Esther Gomes, Spinster of 17 Bury Street.
Notes Rebecca was a beneficiary in the will of Elias Lopes Pereira. her execs were Isaac Foligno of 16 Finsbury Circus and Mordecai Gomes of 34 Bishopsgate Street
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: DL/C/526 No: 159.