Will Extract
de FALK Samuel
Reference NA116
Family Name de FALK
Forenames Samuel
Probate Date 1782 (11 May)
Address Welclose Place
Occupation Baal Shem
Spouse Bilah
Parents Abraham Lisa
Children Stepson, Gedaliah
Other Relatives Son-in-law Judah Lion the son of Samuel
Bequests Aaron Goldsmid and his son George Goldsmid of Leman Street, Mr. Joseph Shesnowzi, Mr. Mendle Reader in my Synagogue, servant, Mendle, Hirsh Bristol, Mrs Rachel wife of Meyer of Blessed Memory, Mr. Aaron, under Reader in ‘my Synagogue’, Mr. Moses, Priest in the New Synagogue, Mr. Abraham? Doctor; Mr. Levi Kroko (Cracow?), Mr. Susman of Amsterdam, Mr. Moinish of the Hague, Mr. Mordecai b. Lima Dresden, Mr. Jacob b. Simon Dresden, Mr. Abraham the son of Shlomo usually called Abraham Nancy (Henry?)
Executors, Administrators Aaron and George Goldsmid and Lyon de Symons of Great Prescott Street.
Witnesses Mr. Abraham of Hamburg and Josh. Schabracq.
Notes signed on the back Falk the son of Abraham Lisa and Bilah Belulah. Hirsh Bristol (Very probably GSMEM 1762-3 R. DPL 1416. Hirsch, Hazan in the Congregation of Bristol, s-i-l of Simcha Levi) Angela GSMEM 1762-3 R. Hirsch, Hazan in the Congregation of Bristol, s-i-l of Simcha Levi. She could be a dau of GSMEM bef 1756-1762 Hyman LEVI Hyman [Simha Levi Harschneider the Penny Barber of Duke Street] & a sister-in-law of Susser Alderney BA 12. Mr Abraham Doctor. This could be DPL 1501 Burial 1783 [12 Mar] Abraham Doctor R. ZL. Note: the letters zl are writen in Square (block) Hebrew. Poss GSMEM 1764–1766 VAN OVEN Abraham R the Physician. But Jewish Encyc says died 1778 whilst another souce says died 9 March 1779 and this death is March 1783?
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1090