Will Extract
Reference NA118
Family Name FRANKS
Forenames Aaron
Probate Date 1777 (27 Oct)
Address Isleworth and London
Occupation Esquire
Siblings Abraham
Children Daughters, Phila the wife of Moses Franks of London, and Prisilla the wife of Jacob Franks.
Grandchildren Bell Franks
Other Relatives Nephews Napthali and David Franks, nieces Richa, Rebecca and Abigail (her brother is Jacob). His brothers daughter Chelia? Dolawry? And Cheilas? daughter Lady Draper His nephew is David Salomons.
Bequests Plantation with negro slaves to Moses Franks. Bequest to Mr. Gumports for the Synagogue and to former priest who is now at Berlin. He mentions Mrs (Judith) Levi (wife of Elias Levy and sister of Bilah), Mrs (Rachael) Adolphus (sister of Bilah) and brother in law Michael Adolphus. He also mentions Mrs Lazarus Simons (ie. Margoles a sister of Moses Hart), Mrs. Costa? And Mrs Heilbeth?.He mentions Mrs Bloch? Who is niece? of Abraham Bloch.Also mentions Abraham Bloch and a grandaughter Bell? Franks. Mrs. Getla,
Executors, Administrators Moses Franks, Jacob Franks and Napthali Franks.
Witnesses John Acton, Abraham Forst, George Harris, Mark Holman
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1035