Will Extract
HART Judith
Reference NA1015
Family Name HART
Forenames Judith
Probate Date 1785 (28 April)
Address Twickenham
Occupation Spinster
Siblings Margoles Simon and Jochabed
Other Relatives Rachel the widow of her brother. Nephews, Abraham and David Waag. Niece, Mrs. Levy; Moses Hart.
Bequests Tilly Abrahams of Plymouth and her sister Hannel? Solomon Henry. Mr. Philips and his son. Her sister’s servants, Simpson and Mrs. Judy, cook. Mrs Kolby. Mary Webb. Dr. Myers.
Executors, Administrators Margoles Simon
Witnesses Appeared Judy Levy of Abermarle Street and Mathew Hedwele? of the same place.
Notes Margoles is NA504
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1128