Will Extract
HART Moses
Reference NA1021
Family Name HART
Forenames Moses
Probate Date 1757 (2 March)
Address St. Mary Axe and Isleworth
Siblings Sisters, Margoles Simons; Judith Hart and Jachobed Hart. Brother, Aaron Hart.
Other Relatives Brother-in-law, Lazarus Simons, Broker of London. Moses Hart and Naphtali Hart sons of his brother-in-law Solomon Hart.
Bequests Minky Moses. Solomon Henry, servant. Joseph Martin, Goldsmith of London.
Executors, Administrators Lazarus Simon, Michael Adolphus of Jeffereys Square, St. Mary Axe; and Joseph Martin
Witnesses Brice Norten of Hoxton Square (employed by Lazarus Simon, Michael Adolphus and Joseph Martin); Reuben Adolphus of St. Paul, Covent Garden; John Morton of Sun Court, CornHill, John Botlev of Isleworth, Henry Polak and Jhas Losur??
Notes Mentioned,James Bernard, solicitor of Michael Adolphus. Thomas Tyndall, proctor. Codicils to his will are Prob 11/828 dated 2. March 1757 and Prob 11/827 dated 11 Jan. 1757. and Prob 11/826 also of 1757.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/828