Will Extract
Reference NA1029
Forenames Sarah
Probate Date 1840 (1 Oct)
Address Finsbury Place South.
Occupation Spinster
Siblings Esther the wife of Mordecai Phillips; Frances the wife of Joseph Phillips;
Other Relatives Cousins, Benjamin Friedeberg and Sarah Friedeberg children of Barnett Friedeberg. Cousins Sophia the wife of Walter Nathan and Esther the wife of David Lezer Cohen. Cousins, Abigail, Morris and Joseph children of Jacob Friedeberg. Cousin Elizabeth the wife of --- Nautelle? Cousin, Esther Levy the wife of Aaron Levy. Nieces (children of her sister Esther), Henrietta the wife of Moses Cohen, Julia the wife of Michael Moses, Sarah the wife of Silverston and Maria Phillips, spinster.
Bequests Edward Davis the son of David Davis of Castle Street. *** Ansell, Secretary of the Great Synagogue; Rev. Solomon Hirshel of Bury Street; John Petty Muspratt of Finsbury Square; Isaac Lyon Goldsmid of Dulwich Hill House, Camberwell; Hyam Hyams, Jeweller of Castle Street;
Executors, Administrators Solomon Hirshel, John Petty Muspratt, Isaac Lyon Goldsmid and Hyam Hyams.
Witnesses W.M. Batho of 2 America Square and Chas. C. Wardell his clerk.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1934