Will Extract
Reference NA122
Family Name FRANKS
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1814 (7 June)
Address formerly of Iselworth then of Bath
Siblings Sister the wife of General Henry Johnson and to her son Henry Allen Johnson.
Other Relatives Nephew and nieces Andrew, Mary, Margaret and Rebecca Hamilton of Philadelphia. Son of his sister and General Henry Johnson is Henry Allen Johnson.
Bequests Edward Goldsmid of London, Broker, John Martin and George Stone of Lombard Street, Ann Davis and Elizabeth Richardson (his servants), to William Henry Cooper of the 3rd Dragoons and to his sisters Elizabeth and Isabella Cooper
Executors, Administrators George Stone and John Martin, Bankers of Lombard Street.
Witnesses William Heatherstone? And William Lawrence. Appeared Robert Pithos attested to will Samuel Sampson.
Notes Remains to be buried in Iselworth Church
NA Cat Ref prob 11/1557.