Will Extract
CARDOZO (otherwise Francisco Sleaver) Frances Daniel
Reference NA1050
Family Name CARDOZO (otherwise Francisco Sleaver)
Forenames Frances Daniel
Probate Date 1796 (18 Jan)
Address East India Ship, Woodford.
Parents Mother mentioned but not named.
Other Relatives
Bequests Joze Ramos, Franco Da Trinado, Joze Dos Stos?
Executors, Administrators Joao De Souza
Witnesses Franco Coelho, Joze Lobo and Estevan Ribeiro. Moses Henry Cardozo
Notes Translated from the Portuguese by J. De Pinna. He seems to have died aboard ship and lists moneys and goods owed to various persons, Jose Lobo, Franco Coelho, Joao De Souza, Anton Roz, Senha De Barreiros, Noca***? De Bonca, Sam Clemente,
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: MS 9172/180 No: 8.