Will Extract
Reference NA1052
Family Name MENDOZA
Forenames Isaac
Probate Date 1841 (23 Oct)
Address The Gun and Star, Petticoat Lane
Occupation Licenced Victualler
Spouse Elizabeth Mendoza
Siblings Esther the widow of Daniel Mendoza; Welcome Rivers the widow of Solomon Rivers; Aaron Mendoza
Other Relatives Nephew, Isaac the son of Aaron Mendoza
Bequests Henry Clement his potboy. David Hart “in my employ”
Executors, Administrators Samson Genese the younger and Abraham White, butcher of Petticoat Lane (Abraham declined and Elizabeth Mendoza appointed).
Witnesses Laird Jennings of 7 Whitechapel Road and John Roger Jennings his clerk. Appeared, Samson Genese the younger, Gentleman of Bevis Marks.
Notes Portuguese Synagogue. Brother Abraham is NA870
NA Cat Ref LMA Ref: DL/C/517 No: 142.