Will Extract
Reference NA1060
Forenames Nathan Mayer
Probate Date 1836 (15 Aug)
Address London
Occupation Banker
Spouse Hannah born Cohen
Parents Mother Gudele born Schnapper
Siblings Amstel, Salomon and James? Sisters, Mrs. Worms, Mrs. Sichel, Mrs. Beyfus and Mrs. Montefiore
Children Sons, Lionel, Anthony, Nathaniel and Mayer. Daughters, Charlotte the consort of Barby Auselin Sal. De Rothschild; Hannah Mayer and Louise De Rothschild
Other Relatives Brothers-in-law, Benjamin Cohen, Salomon Cohen and Isaac Cohen. Sisters-in-law, Mrs Moses Montefiore, Mrs. Davidson and Mrs Helbert. Son-in-law, Anselm Salomon De Rothschild
Executors, Administrators Hannah De Rothschild,Lionel De Rothschild, Anselm Salomon De Rothschild and Benjamin Cohen.
Witnesses Jonas Rothschild, Maximilian Reinganum, Leopold Jacob Goldschmidt, Johan Gottlieb Keiser, Johan Georg Moser, Morris Haarbleicher, Johan Ludwig Le Fevre, Bernhard Marie Friedrich Meller. Attested by Joh. Georg Giar?, Notary of Frankfort.
Notes Translated from the German
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1866