Will Extract
SOLOMON Hyam otherwise Heyman son of Solomon
Reference NA1064
Family Name SOLOMON
Forenames Hyam otherwise Heyman son of Solomon
Probate Date 1798 (28 July)
Address Keeper of the Burying Ground of the Hambro Synagogue
Parents Rev.Solomon of the Holy Congregation of Lublin
Other Relatives Nephew, Mr. Lion the son of Mr. Nathaniel of the Holy congregation of Broda. Macob? Mordecai, Doctor of Divinity of the Holy Congregation of Cuslion? son-in-law of the said Mr.Lion.
Bequests Mrs. Rachel the wife of Isaac son of Heyman Treichling (Treichlinger?) and their children Mordecai, Hirsh, Yetly (spinster) and Brandley. Perly daughter of Mr. Napthaly. Mr. Meyer son of Mr. Jacob Gunzenhausen, Mr. Abraham son of Michael Ostrova. Mr. Levy son of Mr Naphtaly Tong/Toug. Lazarus Oppenheim. Lion son of Mordecai Meyer Shamas. Mr. Yechiel son of Mr Johnanan
Executors, Administrators Abraham son of Mr. Michael, Yechiel son of Mr. Johannan and Levy son of Mr. Nathaniel of Blessed Memory (Abraham Michael, Alexander Phillips and Levy Abrahams)
Witnesses Mr. Meyer son of Mr. Jacob (Coppel) Gunzenhausen of Blessed Memory, Mr. Abraham son of Michael Ostrova, Levy son of Mr Naphtali Tong/Toug Mordecai the son of Isaac of Blessed Memory. Appeared Abraham Michael son of Mr. Michael otherwise Michael; Alexander Phillips otherwise Yechiel the son of Johannan and Levy Abrahams son of Napthaly.
Notes Translated from the vulgar Hebrew by Barnard Van Landau. Tombstone to be made by Mr Nicolas No 110 Aldersgate Street (coffin to be left open at the bottom). “Coffin not to made by Wolf Frenchman but by his son also and the said Wolf “doesn’t intermiddle with my corpse.” Will to be delivered to Yechiel the son of Mr. Johannan. Is Yetly the same as Gittela the daughter of Isaac (HSM 127 marriage 1826)?
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1310