Will Extract
Reference NA1075
Family Name JACOB
Forenames JUDAH
Probate Date 1819 (22 Jan)
Address Formerly, Portsea then, Brixton Causeway, Surrey.
Occupation Slopseller
Spouse Mary Eliza, previously Mary Eliza Sansdoron? Widow
Children Harriott (minor), Maria the wife of Isaac Myers
Grandchildren Solomon Myers
Other Relatives Son-in-law, Isaac Myers
Bequests William Roadking of Sergeants Inn, Fleet Street, London.
Executors, Administrators Mary Eliza Jacob, William Roadking
Witnesses Alexander Jones, Staymaker of Remington Road, John Powell of White House, Brixton, H. Richard Dix of Sergeants Inn.
Notes He is probably BSGSBUR 402/3038, b. Zanvil BACHRICH. He is mentioned in the article by Geoffrey Green, Anglo-Jewish trading connections with officers and seamen of the Royal Navy, 1740-1820. Jacob 6 Ordnance Row, Portsea Prior to 1795-Feb 1812 Slopseller and coach booking office. Prior to 1795 lived in Bath Square, Point. Guilty of fraud in 1802. Resigned as a Navy Agent in February 1812. His wife Mary Elizabeth Jacob 5 Ordnance Row, Portsea Dec 1824-Sept 1828 Widow and executrix. Brothers Samuel Jacob Union Street, Portsea Dec 1815-July 1819 Daniel Jacob 15 Bath Square, Point, Portsmouth Dec 1809-March 1814 Slopseller Licence revoked march 1814 for having practised a fraud upon a seaman. Brother Samuel is possibly GSM 047/3.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1612