Will Extract
HENRY Abraham
Reference NA1081
Family Name HENRY
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1840 (10 Aug)
Address Ramsgate, Kent
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Emma
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Emma Henry
Witnesses J. Abraham and Flora Henry
Notes Abraham is HSM 060, SEJD 053 and DEL CAN063. Abraham Henrys father was Levi Abraham (1752-1847) the son of Alice Alexander (sister of Isaac Alexander of Portsmouth, 1772-1777) and Abraham Loew of Thalmessingen, Frankfurt. Levi (Judah) Abraham, born 1752, died 1847. In 1787 Levi married Elizabeth (1760-1811) a daughter of Henry and Zipporah Moses of Dover, and lived in Ramsgate. Both buried in Canterbury. Their eight children (except Israel) took the family name Henry,: In 1816 Abraham (1789-1840) married Emma Lyon the poetess (1788-1870), daughter of Rev. Solomon Lyon of Cambridge and his wife Rachel, daughter of Barnet Hart of Ely (see E., page 62). From, Franklin, Records, London, 1915, pp. 83a 83c; Franklin provides detailed records on the Henry family; see also Cream, 2001, p. 64. Emmas sister Kate married Abrahams brother George Henry (1803-75) HSM 200. See also the will of Abrahams uncle, Jacob Moses of Dover NA362.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1932