Will Extract
LINDO David Abarbanel
Reference NA1082
Family Name LINDO
Forenames David Abarbanel
Probate Date 1852 (13 March)
Address Mansell Street
Occupation Esquire
Spouse Sarah
Children Leah, Miriam, Esther and Rebecca Lindo; Grace the wife of Judah Aloof; Sarah (Susan?) the wife of Edward Henry; Jemima the wife of Joshua Alexander. Sons Samuel, Nathaniel, Zachariah (Doctor of Medicine), Daniel, Elias Lindo (wife Susannah); Jacob Lindo (wife Esther)
Grandchildren Grandson-in-law, Emanuel Abraham Aguilar. Grandsons, Joseph, Henry and David Lindo sons of Jacob Lindo. Joseph Norsa Lindo, Gabriel Lindo and Arthur Lindo sons of Nathaniel
Other Relatives Daughters-in-law Sarah and Isabel Lindo. Nephew, Abraham Spinosa Catella of Amsterdam. Nephews, Moses Da Costa Lindo, Elias Haim Lindo (his daughters Rachel and Grace Lindo),
Bequests Moses Montefiore, Solomon Abecasis, Daniel Mocatta, Joshua Levi Bensusan of Bevis Marks; to the unmarried daughters Samuel Levi Bensusan, Gentleman deceased and formerly of Providence Row, Finsbury Square; the unmarried daughters of Mrs Meldola widow of Raphael Meldola; Re. Abraham Haliva; Rev. David Meldola; Rev. David DeSola; Rev. David Piza; Rev. Rev. Abraham Pereira Mendes formerly of Jamaica; Solomon Almonsino; Judah Azuelos of Bishopsgate Street; Meir Bensino of Bevis Marks; Judah Mubaki?; Asuer Morati? David Aloof of Madeira; Sampson Genese of Bevis Marks; Eliezer Meldola of Great Alie Street,
Executors, Administrators Sarah Abarbanel Lindo, Nathaniel Lindo, Zachariah Lindo.
Witnesses William H. Girdler and Albert R. Watts both of 17 King Street clerks to Nathaniel Lindo.
Notes Refers to the marriage agreement with Solomon Aloof and Judah Aloof, this also involved among othersSolomon Abecasis and David Cohen (deceased). Also the marriage settlement for his daughter Sarah and Edward Henry that involved amongst others George Henry Henry, John Enthoven, John Mocatta the younger and Samuel Lindo. The agreement for his daughter Jemima with Joshua Alexander involved Hananel Da Castro (deceased), Abraham Mocatta brother of Daniel and Lewis Levy (deceased). The marriage settlement between Abraham Henry, Elias Lindo – married Sarah Henry. The legacy from the will of Abraham Mocatta to Elias Lindo to come into effect upon the death of Sarah Arabanel Lindo
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2149