Will Extract
Reference NA1095
Family Name JOSEPH
Forenames Nathan
Probate Date 1851 (8 Sept)
Address Plymouth
Occupation Navy Agent
Spouse Brinay
Children Sampson Altman of Kingston, Jamaica and Michael Israel Altman both of Kingston, Jamaica.
Other Relatives Abraham Joseph (ie. His father-in-law), father of Brinay, Phoebe Aaron, Joseph Joseph, Esther Joseph and Samuel Joseph. Moses Mordecai Alman
Executors, Administrators Brinay Joseph, Sampson Altman otherwide Joseph and Michael Israel Altman otherwide Joseph.
Witnesses Alfred Rocker of Plymouth and Jas. Weston Brown his clerk. Appeared Myer Stadthagen, Minister of the Congregation of Plymouth who attested that Cohen was his title.
Notes CemeteryScribes I4970. He refers to the agreement involving Phineas Johnson, Joseph Joseph and his wife Edal, Rosy Joseph, Abraham Aaron and his wife Phoebe, Nathan Joseph (the testator) and his wife Brinay, Esther Joseph and Edmund Lockyer. Also Abraham Joseph and his wife Rosy. Other business associates mentioned including Henry Newton.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2139