Will Extract
Reference NA1097
Family Name JOSEPH
Forenames Nathan
Probate Date 1834 (29 Jan)
Address London Street.
Siblings Sister, Leah Joseph of Croll near Sitvan (Zutphen) in Gelderland. Brother Barnett Joseph of London Street.
Children Joseph Joseph of Jamaica, Solomon Joseph and Aaron Joseph, Merchants of George Street, Minories
Other Relatives Nephew, Nihom Joseph of Now Kirk (Nijkerk) in Gelderland
Bequests Solomon Hershell, Isaac Hart, Maurice Solomon, Abraham Nathan Myers of Bury Street
Executors, Administrators Barnett Joseph, Aaron Joseph and Solomon Joseph.
Witnesses A. Henry of 5 Haydon Square and Maurice Solomon, Stationer of 26 Minories. Appeared Benjamin Lyon Phillips, Gentleman of 10 Gould Square, Crutched Friars and Moses Ansell and Aaron Levy, Scribe of 10 Bookers Gardens
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1826