Will Extract
Reference NA1108
Family Name CERF
Forenames Leah
Probate Date 1839 (5 Dec)
Address Bevis Marks
Occupation Widow
Spouse John Cerf
Children Adopted daughter, Sarah Canstatt (at time will was proved she had married Joshua Pariente).
Other Relatives
Bequests Wolf Gollin (if he agrees to say the kadish)
Executors, Administrators Solomon Hirshell, Sarah Canstatt and Aaron Solomon
Witnesses Abraham Joseph and D. Hirshell
Notes LES MDECINS DE NIEDERNAI Par Micheline GUTMANN site GenAmi – www.genami.org “Ils ont adopt Sara Canstatt, l’un des enfants du Dr Jacob Nathan Canstatt, mdecin n Mannheim, et de Elisabeth Hyams dont le mariage a eu lieu le 14.02.1793 la Grande synagogue de Londres.” This is GSM 014/2 (1793). Elizabeth Hyams was the daughter of Hyam. Sarah’s brother Nathan Jacob Canstatt married Hannah Isaacs. According to Roth, Great Synagogue, “11 Another physician who belonged to the congregation at this time was Jacob Canstatt, of Mannheim, who subscribed to the Midrash Phineas in 1735 (as also did Naphtali ben Moses, of the New Synagogue, known as “Dr. Cerf”). The former was probably father or grandfather of the communal physician of 70 years later: see p. 275.”
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1919