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CORREA Abraham Alves
Reference NA1111
Family Name CORREA
Forenames Abraham Alves
Probate Date 1790 (27 May)
Address Bevis Marks
Children David Alves Nebello, Rachel Rodrigues Peyrado (deceased), Esther Rodrigues Peyrado,
Grandchildren Sarah, Esther and David children of Rachel, Sarah, Isaac, Rachel and Esther Alves Nebello daughter of David; Joseph, Rachel, Abraham, Jacob and Abigail children of Esther
Other Relatives
Bequests Rebecca Toivena? Servant (requests that his son and daughter do not desert her); Elias Lopes Pereira
Executors, Administrators David Alves Nebello and Esther Rodrigues Peyrado,
Witnesses J.J. Schultz, Notary Public, William Auch*****?, William Newton, Appeared Benjamin Mendes Pereira of Great Prescott Street and Isaac Mendes Pereira of Broad Street,
Notes Portuguese Synagogue. Translated from the Portuguese.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1191