Will Extract
BRANDAO Abraham Rodrigues
Reference NA1115
Family Name BRANDAO
Forenames Abraham Rodrigues
Probate Date 1769 (23 Aug)
Address Bevis Marks
Occupation Merchant
Siblings Reine Mendes of Portugal; Marianne Henriques widow of Matthew Orobio of Portugal
Children Anthony Lopes Seixas (deceased was married to the testators niece) Germain? Rodrigues Brandao of Portugal; David Rodrigues Brandao; Salamon Rodrigues Brandao (married to the testators niece) Judith Rodrigues Brandao both residing in France; Moses Rodrigues Brandao (married to the testators niece) Hester Lopes Pereira (deceased) of France; Jacob Rodrigues Brandao; Rebecca Rodrigues Brandao. Step-daughters, Rebecca Mendes the wife of Isaac Mendes of London; ****? Maria the widow of Anthony Mendes of Portugal. Step-son, Daniel De Lara? Pimentel of France ,
Other Relatives Nephews, the children of John Pereira Dias of France
Executors, Administrators Daniel Rodrigues Brandao (Brandon). Appeared Raphael Brandon, Merchant of St. Dunstan Stephney and David Mendes, Grocer of St. James, Dukes Place
Witnesses John Da Costa, Notary Public
Notes Portuguese Synagogue.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/950