Will Extract
NORDEN Marianna
Reference NA1123
Family Name NORDEN
Forenames Marianna
Probate Date 1795 (21 March)
Address London
Occupation Widow
Spouse Solomon Norden
Siblings Judith the widow of Aaron Norden; Abraham De Lima of Amsterdam;
Other Relatives Cousin and sister-in-law, Martha Keyser the wife of Assur Keyser, Merchant of London. Cousin, Miriam Keyser wife of Eleazer Isacks Keyser, Gentleman of London, their sons Isaks, Solomon and Jacob Keyser. Nephew, Abraham Norden (wife Rosetta and son Ruben), Merchant of London . Grand-niece, Mrs Miriam Gompertz the wife of Barent Gompertz, Merchant of of London. Nephews, Elias Levy De Lima (wife Marianna), Merchant of Amsterdam and Elias Abraham De Lima, Gentleman; Wolf Levy De Lima, Merchant of Amsterdam. Nieces, Mrs. Hester De Metz the wife of Lion Aaron De Metz, Merchant of Amsterdam; Martha Boas the wife of Moses Boas, Merchant of the Hague; Martha otherwise Pessy Levy wife of Isaac Levy, Merchant of Amsterdam. Cousin, Judith Van Emden the widow Alexander Joseph Van Emden of Amsterdam and Judith’s sister Edel Norden, spinster, the daughter of the testators uncle the late Jacob Norden of Amsterdam. Edel’s brother is Levy Jacob Norden of Maarsen and his present wife Judith Meyers. Cousins, Dinah Oppenheim the wife of Isaac Oppenheim of Hamburg; Hannah Goldsticker the wife of Wolf Goldsticker of Darmstadt; Judith Levy the widow of Marcus Levy jr.,Merchant of London;
Bequests Ruben, Magnus and Elias the three sons of the late Alexander Keyser, Broker of London. Levy Cohen of London; Malcah the wife of David Levy, Gentleman of London; Raphael Hart, Gentleman of London; Michael Joseph, tutor of the children of Eleazer Isacks Keyser. Mrs Fanny Samuel, housekeeper, otherwise the widow of Barnett Samuel; Rebecca Levy, servant of Eleazer Isaks Keyser;
Executors, Administrators Assur Keyser, Eleazer Isaks Keyser, Abraham Norden and Elias Levy De Lima
Witnesses Jno. Walton, William Walton, Gildershall and John Lawrie and J.J. Jensh clerks.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1258