Will Extract
POPERT Wolf Levin
Reference NA1127
Family Name POPERT
Forenames Wolf Levin
Probate Date 1852 (10 Sept)
Address Hamburg
Occupation Merchant
Children Meyer Wolf Popert his only natural and lawful child died 1813. Hanelle the wife of Meyer died March 1838
Grandchildren Samuel Myer Popert of London and Joseph and Johann Popert of Hamburg
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Joseph and Johann Popert and their attorney Lewis Liskenne, Gentleman of 3 Torrington Street, Torrington Square, Middlesex.
Witnesses Not a will but a request for administration of an estate.
Notes The document records that Wolf Levin Popert died 20 July 1791 leaving his only son Meyer Wolf Popert. Meyer Wolf Popert died 16 Jan 1813 and his widow Hanelle administered the estate until her death in March 1838. Leaving their sons Samuel Myer Popert of London and Joseph and Johann Popert of Hamburg. Samuel Myer Popert died in 1851 (NA1126) and in 1852 Joseph and Johann laid claim to funds and accrued dividends banked in London (see also Assignees of the estate of Wolff, Levin, Popert & Co with Barings, Requests that Barings remit dividends due to them from houses in liquidation The Baring Archive House Correspondence, Old Series (HCOS) item 90, 1806. The Baring Archive Limited. Other members of this family are probably: Hamburg Alton Burials, 111 Awraham ben Josef Popert (gest. 11.02.1849); 943 Hirsch Mosche ben Josef Popert (gest. 03.08.1746); 965 Hirz Jaakow ben Josef Popert (gest. 15.01.1794); 1351 Josef ben Awraham Popert (gest. 26.02.1855)
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