Will Extract
Reference NA1129
Family Name GOLDSMID
Forenames Nathan
Probate Date 1820 (2 Dec)
Address Formerly, Little Minories then, Mile End.
Parents Baruch Goldsmid
Siblings Joseph
Other Relatives Nephew, Elias the son of Joseph (Eli b. Joseph) and Miriam Cohen sister of the testator's late wife.
Bequests Abraham Levy "an orphan boy now in the Neve Tsedek"; a "lad named Lyon Levy" now in the Neve Tsedek; Wolf Gollin, teacher of the children of Neve Tsedek; Rabbi Bezula Hinde? Steward of the Jews Hospital; Miriam (Miriam bat Menachem HaCohen), Simcha (Simcha b.Menachem HaCohen), Mordecai (Mordecai b. Menachem HaCohen) and David (David b. Menachem HaCohen) children of Menaham Cohen b. Ari Cohen (Menachem Cohen b. Auri HaCohen) and their mother Miriam who is the sister of the testators late wife; Mrs Jewell, Matron? of the Neve Tsedek
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Appeared, Solomon Hirshell, Chief Rabbi of Bury Street and Lazarus Harris (Eleazer b. Zvi G-tz), a Warden of the Great Synagogue of Whites Row. Zarah Barnett, Reader at the Hambro Synagogue. Hyman Hart and J? Samson.
Notes Signed in Hebrew, Nathan b. Baruch. Wife is GSBUR 303/2271 (1814). Simcha Cohen is probably GSB C007
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