Will Extract
Reference NA1144
Family Name SOLOMON
Forenames Elijah
Probate Date 1836 (26 Dec)
Address Castle Street, Longacre, Middlesex
Occupation Upholsterer
Children William Woollams Solomon, Frances Solomon and Ann Solomon
Other Relatives Sister-in-law, Sarah Woollams
Bequests George Robbins, Auctioneer of Covent Garden; Edward Brown, Pawnbroker of Grays Inn, Lane
Executors, Administrators William Woollams Solomon and George Robbins (Edward Brown deceased)
Witnesses Thomas Pinkett jr., of 3 Essex? Court, Temple and Henry Dunn of 9 Fleet Street.
Notes Jewish? Elijah Solomon married Elizabeth Woollams ("researching my ancestors Elizabeth Ann Solomon (nee Woollams) in UK. She married Elijah Solomon at Whitechapel (London) in 1804 and they had 3 daughters-Frances Ruth, Eliza and Ann b.1812; Cousin Connect, internet, 2007). He had Insurance policies on the lives of Jemima Steward and John Davey.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1870