Will Extract
Reference NA1166
Family Name COHEN De LARA
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1777 (18 July)
Address Keysers Gragt, Amsterdam
Siblings Rachel the widow of Aron De Cohen Lara
Other Relatives Sister-in-law, Abigail Cohen De Lara Senior; Abraham De Cohen Lara jr. And Esther children of Rachel; Esther of Isaac Cohen De Lara.
Bequests Jacob of Isaac Mendes Da Costa; Hana Gotschalk, servant.
Executors, Administrators Parnassim of the Synagogue (see witnesses)
Witnesses Otto Eliza Kappers and John Block Aronzen? Sworn before Nathaniel Wittshuysen, Amsterdam. Proved in London by oaths of Jacob Aron de Prado and Benjamin Spinoza Cattola. The other Parnassim mentioned are, Jacoba De Joseph Teixeria Mattos, Raphael De Moseh Mendes Da Costa, Jacob De Aron Israel Masso, Isaac De Solomon Guttieros and Abraham de Isaac Lopes Salzodo.
Notes Portugues Jewish Nation. Mentions legacy from Joseph De Cohen Lara who died in 1775 (NA555). This must be his brother.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1033