Will Extract
FARMER Benjamin
Reference NA133
Family Name FARMER
Forenames Benjamin
Probate Date 1833 (15 June)
Address Great Prescott Street
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse late wife Phoebe, current wife Isabella
Other Relatives
Bequests Moses Magnus of Great Prescott Street, Moses Cashmore, Gentleman of Bevis Marks, John Orange, Gentleman of Chambers Street, servant, Lydia.
Executors, Administrators Moses Magnus, Moses Joseph (Cashmore) and Isabella Farmer.
Witnesses Geo. Burns, Jnr. Goldringen clerks to Mr. Magnus, 3 Coftshall Buildings.
Notes Gazette19211, 1834 re. Farmer versus Magnus, the Creditors of Benjamin Farmer, formerly of Cutler-Street, Houndsditch, in the City of London, and late of Great Prescot-Street, Goodman’s-Fields, in the County of Middlesex, Gentleman, deceased (who-died on or about the 24th day of April 1833)…,
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1817