Will Extract
Reference NA1174
Family Name AARONS
Forenames Esther
Probate Date 1842 (8 April)
Address Chatham
Occupation Spinster
Siblings Henry Aarons and Hannah Benjamin of Chatham.
Other Relatives Nephews and nieces, Aaron Aarons, Jacob, Leah, Rosa, Mary and Catherine the wife of Saul Martin (the children of Henry). Nieces, Ann the wife of Isaac Moses of Judd Street; Esther the wife of Samuel Ellis of Burton Crescent; Ailsey Aarons of Burton Crescent; Louisa Barnet of Chatham; Sarah Barnet of Chatham and Kate Barnet of Chatham. Nephews, George Ellis of Stanhope Street, Clare Market and Lewis Aarons of Russell Court, London. Godson Henry Benjamin Barnet and Clara Barnet children of Louisa.
Executors, Administrators George Ellis and Lewis Aarons.
Witnesses William Larkin Perks and Eliza Perks of 110 St. Martins Lane.
Notes Daughter of Jacob from the Hague.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1960