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BAMBERG (Judah?) Lyon
Reference NA1178
Family Name BAMBERG
Forenames (Judah?) Lyon
Probate Date 1743 (20 Dec)
Address Coleman Street, Parish of St. Stephen.
Parents Samuel Bamburg
Siblings Esther and Arons?
Other Relatives Aunts, Bolah and Sorloh (Sarah) and Hindley Ansell? (and her son); cousins, Ansell the son of Eleazar and Batholoz Ansell.
Bequests Isaac Pona?, Apothecary, Mr. Aaron Quelrolo???
Executors, Administrators Moses Hart and Lazarus Simon, Gentleman of the Parish of St. Peter
Witnesses Isaac Isaacs
Notes Translated from the Hebrew. Ansell son of Eleazar is “.and Isaac Levy, son of Joseph Levy (who had died not long since), the joint Gabbaim, together with Asher Anschel ben R. Eleazar (perhaps known as Ansell Lazarus) the Gabbai for the Visitation of the Sick ” (Roth, History). Is this the same as Amschel b. R. Leizer Neumegen (members before 1750)
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/730