Will Extract
Reference NA1184
Forenames Kitty
Probate Date 1827 (13 Aug)
Address Great Prescott Street.
Occupation Spinster
Parents Moses Levy Newton
Siblings Mary the wife of Alexander Levi Newton of Bury Street and Coleman Levy Newton.
Other Relatives Edward Levi Newton; Henry the son of Edward Michaels; Lyon Lucas the son of her cousin Lewis Lucas; Edward Lucas son of her cousin Sampson Lucas. Leah Isaacs daughter of Mordecai Levy; Sally Levy, widow and Moses Levy the son of Mordecai Levy. Aaron Israel the son of Israel Israel. Sarah and Louisa Lucas, Mr. Lewis Lucas, Philip Lucas, Edward Michaels, Solomon Behrens, Henry Solomons, Amelia, Ann and Jesse Israel; Harriott Samuel, Henrietta Samuel, Moses Israel, Aaron Solomons and his wife Ann. Miss Mary Newton of Layton, George Newton of Layton, Abraham Joseph, Esther Solomons, Matilda Solomons; Sampson Levy (nephew). Nieces Annette and Sarah.
Bequests Joshua Vanoven; Rachel the wife of Henry Lazarus. Alexander Lamb. Mrs. Michaols, Mrs. Solomon, Mrs. Behrens, Mrs. Lewis Lucas. William Clarence and Charlotte Roberts, Servants. Sarah Simmons and James Epps. Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, Lyon Samuel.
Executors, Administrators Lewis Lucas, Isaac Lyon Goldsmid and Lyon Samuel.
Witnesses Jno. Hanley of 41 Threadneedle Street, J.B. Griffith of 26 Princes Street, Bank of England, J. Crafts, Solicitor of 26 Princes Street, Bank of England.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1730