Will Extract
Reference NA1188
Forenames Moses
Probate Date 1823 (15 Dec)
Address Great Prescott Street.
Occupation Merchant
Siblings Sampson Lucas (half brother)
Children Kitty, Mary, Coleman
Grandchildren Edward, Sampson and Annette children of Mary and Alexander Levi.
Other Relatives 10 Nephews and nieces, children of his half-brother Sampson Lucas; Rose (wife of Edward Michael), Nancy (wife of Solomon Levy Behrens), Lewis, Philip, Henry, Priscilla, Louisa, Sarah, Edward and Horatio Lucas. The five daughters of the late Israel Israel and Polly his wife; Amelia, Nancy, Harriett, Jesse and Henne and three sons, Aaron, Israel Moss and Harry Moss. Mrs Kitty Israel, Mr. Moses Israel. Aaron Solomon of Heneage Lane his wife and his brother Philip. The widow of Sampson Solomon. Mary Newton (widow). Godsons, George Joseph the son of Abraham Joseph and Henry the son of Henry Michaels. Mordecai Levy, his sons Moses and —– Levy and his two married daughters. Moses Levi, Levi Leah the wife of —- Isaacs and Sally Levi widow daughters of Mordecai Levi. Henry Solomon the husband of his niece Priscilla, Henry Michael the son of Edward Michael and Frances the wife of his nephew Lewis Lucas.
Bequests Lyon the son of Lypesinger? Rachel the wife of Henry Lazarus. James Epps his clerk, Alexander Lamb, solicitor of the Bank of England. Lyon Samuel, Merchant of Mansell Street, Isaac Lyon Goldsmid Esq. Of Spital Square and Joshua Vanoven, Surgeon, formerly of Prescott Street but now of Fenchurch Street. William Clarence, Sarah Simmons and —– Roberts his servants.
Executors, Administrators Kitty Levy Newton, Lyon Samuel, Isaac Lyon Goldsmid and Joshua Vanoven.
Witnesses Thomas B. Eaton of 26 Princes St. Bank of England. William Mann of Brixton, Chas. J. Wells of 26 Princes Street, Bank of England, Alexander Lamb and Geo N. Dickenson his clerk.
Notes Marriage of Lewis Lucas to Frances eldest daughter of Jos. Cohen of Lombard Street (Gentlemans Magazine 1820)
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1679