Will Extract
GIDEON Susanna
Reference NA1201
Family Name GIDEON
Forenames Susanna
Probate Date 1784 (17 Aug)
Address Kensington
Occupation Spinster
Siblings Sir Samson Gideon
Other Relatives
Bequests Jane the widow of Thomas Jones, Chaplin of St. Saviour, Southwark. Rev. Henry Vaw? Pastor of Yelling, Huntingdonshire and his son John. Rev. William Romaine (and his wife Mary), Rector of the United Parishes of St. Etudrews? Wardrobe and St Etudis, Blackfriars. Mary Mason, Widow of Bexley, Kent. Margaret Towse, Margaret Brown, Henry Harrison, William Soal?, Servants. Goddaughters, Susanna Gibson the daughter of George Gibson, Clerk to Messers Gosling and Clive, Bankers and Susanna Wilson, Servant to Mrs. Eleanor Barr of Knightsbridge
Executors, Administrators Admin to Sir Samson Gideon since the sole executrix Jane Jones was deceased.
Witnesses Jane Jones, Thomas Evans, William Soal?, Robert and Francis Gosling.
Notes Christian Burial
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1120