Will Extract
Reference NA1209
Family Name MARTINS
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1798 (21 April)
Address Hague
Spouse Judith Martins Teixeira (de Mattos) (deceased)
Other Relatives Uncle, Isaac Van Isaac ****? Henriques. The daughters of Judith Lopes Martins; Joseph van Abraham van Joseph Teixeira de Mattos; to the sons of Jacob Teixeira de Mattos; Benjamin van Isaac Teixeira Andrade; the late Rachel Teixeira wife of Isaac Lopes Suaso; Manuel van Jacob Lopes Suaso; Isaac Teixeira de Mattos the son of Abraham Teixeira de Mattos; Nephews, Aaron van Moses Henriques de Mesquita and Jacob van Moses Henriques de Mesquita (deceased) the sons of Moses Henriques de Mesquita and Lea Teixeira de Mattos; Aaron de Manuel Henriques de Mesquita. Grandchildren of Moses Henriques and Lea Teixeira are Aron Henriques de Mesquita, Manuel Henriques de Mesquita and Rachel Henriques de Mesquita and Isaac Henriques de Mesquita.
Bequests Daniel van Mordecai Semach Aboab of Amsterdam; Frederic Oberg, coachman; Abraham Jochems, servant; Mr. Heyman, Doctor of Physic and Solomon de Silva.
Executors, Administrators Aron Henriques de Mesquita and Manuel Henriques de Mesquita
Witnesses Sworn before Lambertus Sythoff, Holland, Notary Public.
Notes Marriage of Abraham and Judith in 1756, see Akevoth Sephardim Marriages, certificate 734-352 Portuguese Jewish Nation. Translated from the Dutch by Jacob de Pina.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1305