Will Extract
ERGAS Rachel
Reference NA1213
Family Name ERGAS
Forenames Rachel
Probate Date 1764 (10 Jan)
Address Leghorn
Occupation Widow
Spouse Moses de Manuel Ergas (deceased)
Parents Jacob Ergas (deceased)
Siblings Rebecca the wife of Abraham de Manuel Ergas (ie. Rachel’s cousin and brother-in-law). Brothers, Moses, Raphael, Samuel and David
Other Relatives Niece, Sarah the daughter of Rebecca and Abraham. Nephew, Raphael the son of the late Moses Ergas; Jacob the son of the late David Ergas
Bequests Joseph Fernandes Africano (to say prayers). The daughters of Abram Cohen. Daniel the son of Jacob Cohen, Servant; Isaac Rivero; Ralph Pereira Cardozo; Daniel the son of the late Josiah Cohen; Blanca the wife of Jacob Milul?, and Simha Franquinos? maids;
Executors, Administrators Sarah Ergas later substituted by Manuel the son of the late Reverend Joseph Ergas
Witnesses Dr. Abram de Bargas (signs for the testatrix). Jacob de Abram Meldola, Elian Morton and Geo Batto Camora, Notary Public. Other signatures include David Nunes, Chancellor of the Hebrew Nation of Leghorn; David de Jacob Henriques Della Fuente and Sabalay de Matta Moscato and John Dick, British Consul. Translation certified by Isaac Netto. The Spanish version signed by Abram Joseph de Silvera and witnessed by Eliezer the son of Raphael Meldola and David the son of Samuel Da Costa Mesquita
Notes Died 1759. Translated from the Italian and another version recorded in Spanish. The original in the Chancery of the Hebrew Nation of Leghorn, no. 95. She requests that her brothers Samuel and Raphael and nephew Jacob b. David cease their law suits against one another and that their legacies depend upon this. Mentioned, Messrs; Levy, Sousino and Joseph Salvador and Benjamin Mendes Da Costa of London. Substitution in 1763 of Sarah Ergas by Manuel Ergas witnessed by Samuel Rodrigues Enriques, Leone de Dattilo Levi, Raffaello qm Sabato, Abraham Raphael Attias and Jacob di Salomon Aghib. Recorded by Manuel di David Nunes, Chancellor of the Hebrew Nation.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/895