Will Extract
Reference NA1215
Family Name ERGAS
Forenames Moses
Probate Date 1770 (24 Dec)
Address Leghorn
Spouse 1. Sarah Abraham Ergas, 2. Lea Medina Ergas
Parents Raphael Ergas
Children Moses Haim Ergas (deceased)
Other Relatives Cousins, Abraham, Moses and Isaac sons of his late uncle Isaac Ergas. Brother-in-law, Samuel de Medina and his son Daniel Hay de Medina; Judith Ergas the wife of Samuel de Medina. Jacob, Abraham and Raphael Ergas of London the sons of his cousin Moses Ergas (deceased). Nephew, Daniel the son of his deceased brother-in-law David de Medina.
Bequests David Levy, servant; Miriam Tedesca, servant; Efraim Torro, servant; Jacob Raphael vas Toglia, Accountant?; Sarah and Rachel the daughters of Jacob de Benjamin Lopes (deceased); Aaron de Isaac de Paz;
Executors, Administrators Lea Medina Ergas
Witnesses Appeared, Abraham Samuel Rimhi? and Isaac Vita Frosseloni? Attested by Manuel Nunes, Chancellor of the Hebrew Nation in the presence of Moses de Samuel Pichotts? and Moses de Haim
Notes Died 1769. Translated from the Italian by Napthali Levi Sousino and William ******?
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/962