Will Extract
BELMONTE Jacob van Joseph
Reference NA1239
Family Name BELMONTE
Forenames Jacob van Joseph
Probate Date 1741 (9 June)
Address Amsterdam
Occupation Merchant
Siblings Sisters, Sarah the widow of Raphael Dias Brandon; Hana the wife of David Vaz Martins; Gracia the wife of Salomon de Lima. Brothers, David van Joseph Belmonte otherwise David Belmonte jr.; Moses van Joseph Belmonte otherwise Moses Belmonte jr., Merchant of Amsterdam;
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Parnassim of the Synagogue in Amsterdam (see witnesses)
Witnesses Appeared before Adrian Baard, Notary Public of Amsterdam. Witnessed by N. Hammert and J. Schonten. Appeared in London two of the Parnassim, Isaac de Joseph de Meza and Aaron de Joseph de Pinto.
NA Cat Ref Translated from the Dutch. Sister Sarah married Raphael in 1711, Akevoth, Marriage Certificate 708- 41. Gracia married Salomon in 1728, Certificate 716-328. Hana/Ann married David in 1725, Certificate 715-101. Jacob was the was the witness at all three weddings. Marriage of David Belmonte to Ribca Colasso in 1741, certificate 725-299