Will Extract
FONSECA da Isaac
Reference NA1240
Family Name FONSECA da
Forenames Isaac
Probate Date 1727 (7 Aug)
Address Amsterdam
Spouse Rachel de la Parra
Siblings Simcha Da Fonseca, Jacob Da Fonseca,
Children Son, Abraham Da Fonseca Daughter, Simcha Da Fonseca
Other Relatives
Bequests Aron Pereira Belmonte the son of Isaac Pereira Belmonte, David Franco Mendes the son of Abraham Franco Mendes, Sarah and Simcha Parenza daughters of Joseph Parenza
Executors, Administrators
Witnesses Appeared before Hilbrand Vanden Heyden,witnessed by E. Walrot and V. Hoiden?
NA Cat Ref Isaac (b. 1671) the son of Abraham Da Fonseca married Rachel (b. 1684)the daughter of Samuel (she from Surinam) in 1705, Akevoth, Marriage Certificate 704-290. For Belmonte and Franco Mendes see NA1238. Marriage of daughter Simcha see 715-305. Isaac Pereira Belmonte married Angela Da Fonseca daughter of Abraham Da Fonseca in 1699, she is probably a sister of the testator see 701-127. Wife Rachel, probate 11/625 for 1728. Translated from the Low Dutch.