Will Extract
Reference NA015
Family Name ABRAHAMS
Forenames Rachel
Probate Date 1849 (2 Jan)
Address Snow Street, Dover
Occupation Widow
Spouse Michael
Other Relatives Nephew Moses Moses, nieces Martha Moses of Stroud Street, Sarah Simons of Chatham, Mary Aaron of Liverpool, Charlotte Millengren of London, Bloomy Cohen of Charlton. Grandnieces Sarah Abrahams of Chelmsford, Phoebe Abrahams of London and Ellen Abrahams of Dover, daughters of her late niece Rachel Abrahams of Hastings.
Executors, Administrators Martha and Moses Moses
Witnesses Thomas Cox, Gentleman of Dover, Thomas Ismay jr. Of Dover, and ? George Peter De Lisle? Philipe of Grays Inn, London and Susannah M. Ruffin of Stroud Street, Dover.
Notes Jewish Chronicle ‘Died at residence of nephew, Moses Moses of Dover on 12th October 1848, the widow of Michael Abrahams of Chatham, aged 86.’
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2086