Will Extract
Reference NA141
Family Name GOMPERTZ
Forenames Barent
Probate Date 1768 (17 May)
Address Gun Yard, Houndsditch
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Rachel
Children Joyce Elias, Bilo and Judith Gompertz, Solomon, Sampson and Joseph Gompertz.
Grandchildren Benjamin and Hannah Elias, Lion, Maury and Betzy Gompertz. Also Judith Clara and Joyce Gompertz, daughters of his son Solomon.
Other Relatives
Bequests Mr. Bory Elias and Mr. Btw? Cohen
Executors, Administrators Solomon and Joseph Gompertz.
Witnesses J. Heaton, William Hallinsoll and Sylvanus Williams. Appeared Meyer Heyman, merchant and Philip Henry, merchant.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/939