Will Extract
Reference NA1259
Forenames Jacob Sr.
Probate Date 1751 (14 Nov)
Address St. John, Hackney.
Spouse 1. Sarah Mendes Da Costa (deceased). 2. Branca/Blanca Mendes Da Costa
Siblings Raphael and Benjamin Mendes Da Costa. Sister Sarah the late wife of Moses Rodrigues Silva; Sister Rachel (her daugter Ribca is the wife of testators brother Raphael). Sister Esther the wife of the testators late son Moses
Children Moses Mendes Da Costa (deceased);
Grandchildren Esther, granddaughter of his late sister Esther and the testators late son. Son of Esther is Abraham and his daughter Esther
Other Relatives Niece, Rachel daughter of “my sister” Ribca and Raphael Mendes Da Costa. Nephews, Moses and David Mendes Da Costa sons of his sister Esther. Jacob the son of his late sister Sarah and her husband Moses Rodrigues Silva.
Bequests The parchment scroll of the Pentateuch to his brother Raphael and afterwards to his heirs. Rabbi Moses Hays residing in *****?, Abraham Luria at present residing in London. Appeared Abraham Lopes Pereira, Merchant of St. Botolph and Benjamin Nunes Lara, Merchant of St. Botolph
Executors, Administrators Branca and Benjamin Mendes Da Costa.
Witnesses Translated from the Portuguese. 1st will, appeared before Philip de Maroles, Notary Public. Benjamin Wonsley and George Low.
NA Cat Ref Burial plot reserved for him at Mile End next to his wife Sarah. Ketubah for marriage to Branca dated 1736 and the will also signed in 1736. Will translated from the Portuguese.