Will Extract
XIMENES Samuel Levy
Reference NA1263
Family Name XIMENES
Forenames Samuel Levy
Probate Date 1724 (6 May)
Address New Hoorgraft, Amsterdam
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Rachel Levy Ximenes (deceased)
Children Isaac aka James aka Diego Ximenes (wife is Hannah Ximenes Pereira); David Levy Ximenes; Abraham Levy Ximenes; Sarah; Leah; Gracia; Esther De Pinto Ximenes widow of Samuel De Pinto; Ribca Veiga Ximenes the wife of Isaac De Veiga Henriques;
Grandchildren Rachel and Ribca daughters of Esther
Other Relatives Brother-in-law, David Mendes Da Silva. Cousin, Rachel Ximenes, Spinster the daughter of testators uncle Jacob Levy Ximenes.
Bequests Manuel Abenator, Abraham Arias,
Executors, Administrators Isaac de Veiga Henriques and David Mendes Da Silva.
Witnesses Peter Schabaaje, Notary Public, Allard Bolden and Nicholas Martins.
NA Cat Ref Marriage in 1694 to Rachel Mendes Da Silva (Akevoth MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE 698-397). Marriage in 1720 of son Isaac to Hannah Pereira (Akevoth MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE 712- 88) . Ribca married in 1722 (713-147), Esther married in 1716 (MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE 710-328 )Translated from the Spanish.