Will Extract
MENDES Fernando
Reference NA1266
Family Name MENDES
Forenames Fernando
Probate Date 1724 (18 Dec)
Address London
Children Daughters, Catherine wife of Anthony Da Costa and Leonora the wife of Joseph Da Costa (Joseph is the testators “beloved” nephew). Sons, Anthony Mendes and wife Rebecca (niece); James Mendes and wife Ann (niece); Alvaro Mendes and wife Sarah (grandaughter); Lewis Mendes
Grandchildren Sarah the wife of his son Alvaro; Moses the son of Anthony; Moses the son of James
Other Relatives Nieces and Nephews, Johanna Antonia de Cuiros, Aron Cuiros, David Bravo; Rachel the wife of his son Anthony; Ann the wife of James. Cousins, Anthony and Joanna Sylvarin
Bequests Mrs. Hathway, Housekeeper
Executors, Administrators Anthony, James, Alvaro and Lewis Mendes
Witnesses Richard Woodward, George Petit and John Swain.
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