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MARQUES Anthony Rodrigues
Reference NA1267
Family Name MARQUES
Forenames Anthony Rodrigues
Probate Date 1689 (14 Jan)
Address London
Parents Mother, Sarah (Anna Maria) Dias? Henriques
Siblings Brother deceased (mentioned but not named)
Other Relatives Samuel Ximenes married to the testators niece.
Bequests Dr. Fernando Mendes (wanted to use the name Marques) to buy a jewel for his daughter Catherine (Katherine) but Fernando and sons to be excluded from any legacy if they do not get circumcised. Peter Henriques Jr.; Abraham Fernandes Nunes; Manuel Lopez Pereira (Pereyra); Andrew Alvares Noguera all Merchants of London. David De Medina; Benjamin Franco; Benjamin Francis; Dr. Paz.
Executors, Administrators Sarah (Anna Maria) Dias? Henriques
Witnesses Caspar Francis Bernal, John Lopes Leon, Samuel Henriques Miranda, Lurad? Emand, Notary Public.
Notes Translated from the Spanish. His niece Ribca (daughter of Daniel) married Samuel Ximenes in 1688 (Akevoth AMSTERDAM, MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE 696-164).
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