Will Extract
BUENO Sarah Mendes
Reference NA1274
Family Name BUENO
Forenames Sarah Mendes
Probate Date 1782 (28 Jan)
Address Amsterdam
Spouse Moseh de Raphael Mendes da Costa
Children Rachael, Deborah, Raphael, Jacob, Abraham and Solomon.
Other Relatives Uncle, Isaac de Solomon Abrabanel Souza. Son-in-law, Raphael de Abraham Mendes Da Costa.
Executors, Administrators Raphael de Mozes Mendes Da Costa, Abraham de Mozes Mendes Da Costa and Raphael de Abraham Mendes Da Costa.
Witnesses Appeared before John Barels, Notary Public of Amsterdam. In the presence of . Witnesses to her additions in 1765 were David Machorso and Jacob Jesurun.
NA Cat Ref Joint will. She is the daughter of Deborah van Salomon Arabanel Souza and Daniel Bueno. Married Moses b. Raphael in 1738 (Akevoth, MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE723-154 and death Archive Number 16003). Translated from the Spanish attested to by Joseph Cortissos.